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David Patrick Forster




This is my personal website. It's for fun, not self aggrandizement, so it's for learning and being social. I hate Facebook and prefer the '90's model of just building your own half-assed website.

I earn a living writing software. My LinkedIn page has more information about my professional life. For the record, I don't like LinkedIn either, but I guess it's the thing to do. Just like Facebook, it doesn't appear to be making people's lives better, just a way to package and monetize scraps of data. If anyone revolutionizes the whole non-sense of finding a job or employees, I have a feeling it isn't going to be Microsoft.

My programming philosophy is to keep things simple. I view programming as consisting of two main pillars; clarity of communication and good engineering (computer science). Clear communication conveys your ideas in a way that is easier for others (and computers) to understand, and good engineering means making sure your solution actually solves the problem. When you combine those two properties you have "good code." A programmer that writes "good code" is a "good programmer."


I enjoy the English tradition of real cask ales. Fortunately some other people agree with me and you can find them in Denver.

I also like whiskey. Stranahan's Whiskey is an eminently drinkable version of it from the Mile High City.

Always in moderation; quality not quantity! Although I'm looking forward to a "Ghost in the Shell" inspired future where cybernetic livers will allow us to enjoy quality in quantity.


I was trying to think of domain names to register and couldn't think of anything that wasn't already taken. I liked the book "Neuromancer" and it's famous opening line: "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." I tried it and it worked. It kind of grew on me after a while.


Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation, CAMRA, Neuromancer