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These are various projects I'm working on in my spare time. Some of them are just for fun, others are ideas that I'm still working out. So far none of them are useful, but maybe someday.

> Maritime (GitLab)

One things that irks me about cloud based applications is that they capture your data and don't share it back with you (to say nothing of sharing it with other dubious actors for a price). If you use a "native" application running locally on your machine, though, you give up the benefits of being able to access it from anywhere. I'd like to have both; I want applications to work like they used to, but being able to access them from any of my computing devices.

Maritime is me working out these ideas. I'm prototyping a very simple database that can easily be deployed to a cloud service. It has a very simple API with a simple security model.

Right now it can be thought of as a prototype. The ideas aren't complete, but I want to have something working to play around with.

> OPTK (GitLab)

I've used the UNIX command line for a long time now, and I've always felt that GUIs are lacking in comparison. With the command line it's very easy to script and compose commands to achieve what you want, but GUI applications are often isolated and don't share data. Mechanisms to allow this have always seemed to fall short.

Smalltalk actually had some of the feel I want. You could build your own applications based on the classes and objects of other applications. There was no need for build systems or the like.

> dotfiles (GitLab)

The configuration files I used. Nothing fancy, just no reason to keep it private.